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A Digital Nomad Travel Guide: Bangkok

Thinking about visiting Bangkok as a digital nomad? This Bangkok travel-guide will get you started!

Bangkok, the bustling capital of Thailand, is a vibrant and exciting city that has become a popular destination for digital nomads over the years. With its affordable cost of living, rich culture, and epic food scene; Bangkok offers an ideal environment for remote workers looking to balance work and play. To stay up to date with the latest happenings in the city, check out BK magazine

Here are some reasons why Bangkok is a great place for digital nomads:

  1. Affordable cost of living: Bangkok is one of the most affordable cities in the world for digital nomads. Accommodation, food, and transportation are all reasonably priced, making it easy to live comfortably even on a modest budget.

  2. Food heaven: Bangkok is famous for its street food, and for good reason. From spicy curries to grilled meat skewers, the city offers a vast array of delicious and cheap dishes that are perfect for a quick lunch, dinner or snack on the go.

  3. Good transportation: In contrast to other big cities such as KL, Bangkok has a modern transportation system where the subway has a tap-in payment method featuring Visa and MasterCard. Grab is also widely used as an e-hailing app, providing car and bike ”taxis” throughout the city.

  4. Dynamic culture: Bangkok is a melting pot of cultures, with a rich history and diverse population. There is always something to see or do in the city, from exploring china-town and ancient temples to trying street food in bustling markets.


If you want to experience the real Bangkok, steer well away from the notorious backpacking hub of Khaosan Road. If you are looking to meet like-minded digital nomads, try a co-living space such as unionSPACE. If you want to explore other options, I’ve got you covered with a list of Bangkok’s top 3 coolest neighborhoods.


The Ari neighborhood is a lively and vibrant area known for its young and hip atmosphere, with plenty of stylish cafes, restaurants, and shops. The neighborhood is also known for its street art, with colorful and creative murals and graffiti adorning many of the buildings. You can spend hours exploring the streets and alleys of here, discovering new works of art around every corner. Overall, Ari is a must for anyone looking to experience the hipster-side of Bangkok!

Charoen Krung

Charoen Krung Road was once the city's first tramline and is now a 150-year-old thoroughfare that runs along the Chao Phraya River. Today, this area has popular amongst artists, bringing with them an abundance of galleries, restaurants, and bars.


As I always say, you want to go to the party; not host it. Lumphini is a quieter and more residential neighborhood named after the beautiful Lumphini Park, which is one of the largest green spaces in Bangkok. The park offers a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of the city while still being close to all the amenities of the neighboring Silom with its luxury hotels and upscale shopping malls.

Co-working places

If you choose to settle in Bangkok as a digital nomad, make sure to take advantage of the co-working spaces in the city. Here are Bangkok's top 3 co-working spaces to check out:


WeWork is a global co-working giant that has made its way into Bangkok's business scene. WeWork is known for their modern and inspiring design, in-house baristas and community events designed to foster networking among members. This place offer a range of co-working options, including private offices, hot desks, and dedicated desks. The price is on the higher side, but worth every penny, and don’t forget to check out their beer taps!


Common Ground

Common Ground is another well-known and popular co-working space that provides private offices, dedicated desks and hot desks. Similar to WeWork, Common Ground has an in-house café and is known for its modern and stylish design, which creates a comfortable and inspiring work environment. The space is located in the central business district of Bangkok, making it easily accessible to businesses and entrepreneurs.


The Hive

The Hive is a popular co-working space that has multiple locations across the city. Their facilities include hot desks, dedicated desks, meeting rooms and event-spaces. Flagship The Hive Thonglor has a total of 7 floors and even benefits from a fantastic rooftop lounge and terrace.


Overall, Bangkok offers great opportunities for digital nomads who are looking modern big city amenities and Thai traditional culture. With that, I hope this guide helped on the way to your digital nomad adventure!

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Mar 12, 2023

Well written & intresting😊


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